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This FREE 27 page Startup Guide will walk you through the major steps required to start your own direct care pediatric practice.

From understanding the fundamentals of DPC to navigating the practicalities of setting up your clinic, our guide covers it all in an easy-to-follow format.

Filled with actionable insights, checklists, and real-world advice, it's designed to simplify your journey towards creating a patient-centered practice.

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See if DPC is Right For You

See if Direct Pediatric Care is the right fit for you with our guide. It provides a clear overview of DPC essentials, from foundational principles to practical aspects like establishing your practice, financial planning, and marketing. This guide is a straightforward resource for understanding the DPC model and assessing its alignment with your career goals in pediatric care.

Covered Topics Include:

• DPC Basics and Fundamentals

• The Mindset for Success

• The Nitty Gritty of Establishing a Medical Practice

• Pricing Guidelines

• Financial Considerations

• Supplies, Labs, and EMR

• Marketing and Branding


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