Elite Endocrine MD (San Juan, PR)

Sheila Pérez-Colón, MD

Year Opened: 2022

What inspired you to open your own pediatric DPC? I wanted to provide better patient care.

Did you experience any hurdles (psychological, financial, logistical, or other) to starting your own DPC practice? Not really.

What is a typical day or week like for you? I get to practice medicine at a more relaxed pace. I enjoy being a doctor again!

Are you happy with your profitability and earnings? Yes.

What have been the greatest challenges to running your own DPC? Educating the community about the benefits to paying for medical care rather than relying only on insurance.

What have been the greatest rewards of running your own DPC? Less stress! Happy patients and a happy doctor.

What lessons did you wish you knew sooner? The importance of marketing.

Are you able to take time off when you need/want it? Yes!

Tell us a story about a patient or family for whom DPC made a special impact (in a HIPAA-compliant way, of course). I had a patient with diabetes who hadn’t visited the doctor visits for months and had poorly-controlled blood sugars. They were able to get in to see me and finally felt empowered to take control again.

Anything else you’d like to share with other pediatricians thinking of following the DPC path? I really encourage it. I see this as the means to change healthcare and the public’s perception of doctors. In order to affect change we need more doctors to do this. Just be prepared to take a small financial hit in the beginning and learn about business and marketing.


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