About Us


Our Story

At DPC Pediatrician, our journey began as pediatricians ourselves, driven by a desire to redefine and enhance the practice of pediatric care. We pioneered our own DPC practices, discovering a path that allowed us to focus on what truly matters: patient care and physician well-being.

Now, we're passionate about sharing our learnings and experiences to empower other pediatricians to carve their own successful paths in the DPC landscape.

Why We Do What We Do

Bridging our story to yours, we believe that every pediatrician deserves the opportunity to practice medicine with joy and autonomy. Our success is reflected in the success stories of those we've guided, showcasing how transforming your practice can profoundly impact both your professional life and the lives of the families you serve.


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Discover the vibrant community of DPC Pediatrician at engaging conferences, where learning, networking, and inspiration intersect. These events are a hub for sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovative ideas, bringing together pediatricians committed to transforming their practices.

Join us to connect with peers, hear from experts, and gain valuable insights that can propel your DPC journey forward.

Meet the Founders

Marina Capella

MarinaCapella, MD, MEd is an integrative pediatrician in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2021 she launched Healing Arts Pediatrics, the first pediatric DPC in greater Salt Lake. Being a DPC pediatrician has rekindled the joy of being a pediatrician and ignited a passion for helping other pediatricians reclaim freedom and joy in medicine. She loves teaching and is adjunct faculty at the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at the University of Utah. She co-hosts a podcast and consults premedical students through her nonprofit Future Minority Doctor, which helps inspire and empower underrepresented minority college students to become physicians. Starting in 2024, she is pursuing an MBA in order to further hone her business savvy and continue guiding other pediatricians on their entrepreneurial journeys.


Phil Boucher

Phil Boucher, MD, is a general pediatrician in Lincoln Nebraska. After nearly a decade of being a partner in a successful fee-for-service practice, he left to open the first pediatric DPC practice in Nebraska, Frontier Pediatrics. He offers full-scope pediatric care as well as home visits and behavioral health services in his practice. He is passionate about melding modern technology with old-fashioned personalized patient care. He loves teaching and provides training and consulting to medical professionals looking to scale their practices and create more fulfilling lives. He specializes in branding, marketing, hiring, leadership, time management, and team performance. He is a husband and father of six children.

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