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Marina Capella, MD, MEd

Marina Capella is a DPC pediatrician in Salt Lake City, Utah (although she considers herself a Californian at heart). She started her integrative pediatric practice, Healing Arts Pediatrics, in 2021, where she melds conventional medicine with healing modalities like myofascial release, clinical hypnosis, and herbalism. Her practice experienced slow growth initially which spurred her to get creative and diversify her clinic's offerings. These strategies worked and she now has a growing team and a financially thriving practice. She loves teaching physicians how to be successful entrepreneurs through practical knowledge AND mindset work. She can help guide you through the nitty gritty DPC to-do list AND help you embrace your true potential.
*integrative medicine, how do you create a successful lifestyle/practice, mindset (growths + fears)


Phil Boucher, MD

Phil Boucher is a DPC pediatrician in Lincoln, Nebraska. He started his practice, Frontier Pediatrics, in 2021 and grew to over 500 members in under two years through intentional in-person and online marketing strategies. He helps pediatricians who want to start or grow their practice to create a marketing plan that works for their time, energy, and specific areas of passion. He practices what he preaches and tries all of his marketing strategies in his local community so busy pediatricians don't have to create the playbook themselves. He also loves helping busy pediatricians reclaim their time and energy through automation and delegation strategies. *master of marketing


Margie Diaz-Ochu, MD

Margie Diaz-Ochu, MD is a DPC pediatrician in Salt Lake City, Utah. She started her direct pediatric practice, Bee Home Pediatrics, in 2022 with a goal to provide patients with high quality, concierge care in the comfort of their own home. Her micropractice is thriving from organic growth and partnerships with colleagues. She is passionate about helping fellow direct care pediatricians through the start-up phase and beyond. She will guide you through your start- from marketing contacts to insurance coverage and product procurement. *very practical, guiding you through details of startup, nitty gritty


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